Remedial Massage


To book your appointment please call Mary on 07877 863745


Appointment at the Salon are available on Wednesdays.  


Mary Caffery, offers a range of massage therapy to provide effective relief from pain at the Salon. 


Improve your quality of life with the Hendrickson method of orthopaedic massage. This gentle treatment brings relief from pain and gives functional re-habilitation (usually over soft clothing). It is relaxing, precise and extremely effective. The treatment is gentle and rhythmic, it is this rhythmic nature of the treatment that helps to calm the nervous system so your body can relax and heal. 


Treatment is extremely effective for knee and hip problems and can help to avoid hip and knee replacement surgery and also helps to speed up post-operative recovery. 


Plantar fasciitis responds rapidly too, as do painful and stiff hands. 


Remedial Treatment 


Well-being treatments are relaxing, renewing and keeps your body flexible and painfree. 



Tightness and muscle imbalances build up gradually over time. We do the same things in the same way every day. Gradually the range of movement in our joints and muscles closes down until one day you can't bend to tie your shoelaces or stretch up to the top shelf. 


Well-being treatment help to keep your body moving. Prevention is better than cure! 


Scar therapy


Scars from injuries and operations can create problems from adhesions and restrictions in the fascia. 


Tummy tucks can leave a hard ridge scar and your lower abdomen which is unsightly and can't cause a feeling of tightness. Scar therapy can release this and reduce the scar. 


Free your body - Rejuvenate Personalised Treatment Plan 


This eight-week intensive treatment plan is designed to leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Tailored to your personal needs, sessions include:


Neck & Shoulders




Abdominal massage and lymph drive

Amma Fusion (deeply relaxing, gets your energy moving)

Stretching sessions

Full body massage


8 sessions for the price of 7


Abdominal / Colon massage


For health & Wellbeing.

Relaxing and comforting. Restrictions in your muscles and tissues and mention in your abdomen can contribute to digestive problems such as constipation and IBS. 


Muscular restrictions or tightness in the abdomen can also cause lower back pain.


Difficulty conceiving and heavy menstruation may also be caused by restrictions. This treatment is performed using oils. 


A sluggish digestive system can lead to headaches, thrush, rashes, itching skin, foggy brain and lowered immunity. 


Prices are from £1 a minute! (for example a 30 min remedial massage would be £30)



To book your appointment please call

Mary on 07877 863745.

Appointment at the Salon are available on Wednesdays.  


About Mary Caffrey Bsc(Hons) NAMMT Rm. 


I am an orthopaedic massage therapist. 


I trained in Remedial massage at The Northern Institute of massage in 2005. 

I use a mixture of methods to help patients regain pain-free use of their body, to be able to work and perform the activities they enjoy. 


Methods I have trained in are Hendrickson Method, Myofascial Release, Emmett technique, Soft tissue release and Myofascial stretching. 


My treatments are usually given over soft comfortable clothing. I will show you exercises and help you to find ways to can help yourself. 


My aim is the help you to live a pain free life, free to love, free to pursue the activities you enjoy. 



Massage can help you live pain free

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